Thuy Moc Café - Kega lighthouse Resort 

Although coffee has now become a popular drink with tens of thousands of shops sprouting everywhere, "from poor countryside to great city", the most impressive is still Thuy Moc Café at Kega Lighthouse Resort.

You can enjoy a cup of coffee by the door facing the sea, watching the waves white with foam rushing into the sand continuously without being disturbed by anyone. The green space of the coconut forest, the miniatures are well cared for, so you don't have to think about past troubles. Simply sit back and relax to enjoy the taste of the best coffee carefully selected from the highland coffee beans.

In the era of the knowledge economy, coffee was a part of life, an endless source of inspiration for creativity and more than that an integral part of the quality of life. When you love coffee to the point of treating it as a believer, you will not be happy to witness the hasty coffee cups of the workers back and forth living in the city. Haunting by poverty makes people busy, having time to fully enjoy the quintessence lurking inside a cup of coffee is also not easy. Then when tired, buying a cup quickly, taking a few gulps, then the last thing left is just a refreshment, a hurry drink to make people more alert.

Inside the coffee cup, pondering the sentence of Buddha: "Life is a broken pool" will feel the profound philosophy of bitter coffee. Behind the transient bitter taste is the faint sweetness that fades in the taste buds. And vice versa, something from the beginning was sweet but then ended up leaving spicy at the tip of the tongue.

Bitter- Spicy - Sweet- Tasty, anyone who has experienced all these levels is the happy one. Enjoy a cup of Thuy Moc coffee in a perfect coastal area of Kega Lighthouse that makes us ponder a lot!

With a cool space, tables and chairs spaciously arranged opposite to the coast, bringing a cool atmosphere in melodious music, it is an ideal place to meet friends, celebrate birthday.

Price from 30,000 VND/glass

Opening hours: 6:30 - 23:00

Diverse menu, high-class tables and chairs system. With over 60 beautiful view seats.

Coffee campus is 1.5m higher than the sea.

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Contact us

Contact us:

Phone: 0918 078 619

Opening time: 6:30 - 23:00

Diverse menu, high-class tables and chairs system. With more than 60 seats and a beautiful view Cafe campus is 1.5m higher than the sea