The sea view restaurant has an open architecture so that table companions can have a meal while looking at the beauty of the surrounding green space

The restaurant serves grilled seafood buffet, gala dinner with a diverse menu to meet the different tastes of businesses and groups of customers.

Experience a special feeling while having a bowl of hot pho and a cup of coffee, which will provide you a day of full energy. Spend the weekend with your friends or luxuriate in the sports atmosphere with everyone at Kega Lighthouse Restaurant

Scale of restaurant:

Location: Littoral

Area: Hơn 1,000 m2

Working hours: 6:30-22:00

Seaters/capacity: 1000 persons

Backdrop: 7mx3m

Stage: 10mx5m


Fee for processing of chicken, duck, pig, etc.

+ Boiled, steamed dish: 150,000 VND/ animal

+ Salad: 100,000 VND/ kg

+ Gruel: 150,000 VND/ kg

+ Grilled dish: 200,000 VND/ kg

+ Hot pot: 200,000 VND/ kg

+ Entrails, gizzard,… stir-fried vegetables/ cellophane noodles: 200,000VND/animal/2 dish

Fee for seafood processing

+ Boiled dishes: 70,000VND/ kg

+ Grilled dishes: 100,000 VND/kg

+ Hot pot: 120,000 VND/ kg (together with 1 dish of vermicelli, 1 dish of vegetable) 

+ Gruel: 100,000 VND/ kg 

+ Fresh dishes (slicing, use with mustard): 150,000 VND/ kg

Fee for sharpen fruits 

10,000 VND/ kg (together with salt, and a plate if having a meat on the spot) 

Bring the processed food to the restaurant in the service time 

- Internal customer (Customer in room): 30,000 VND/ person (including furniture, cold towels)

- External customer: 50,000 VND/ person (including furniture, cold towels)

Bring the processed food to the restaurant in the service time 

- Sai Gon 400,000VND/ container

- Heniken 550,000 VND/ container

- Tiger  500,000VND/ container

- (Expenses may be seasonally adjusted without advance notice)

Lease of ground for wedding party, birthday party, baby's 1st birthday party, events organization, etc.)  

Luxurious wedding parties held in a restaurant with an area of over 1000 m2 and capacity up to 1,000 guests will be an ideal place for couples to select. Besides the large and solemn space, guests can also keep beautiful moments with the bride and groom in the green landscape and waves on the white sand. Please contact us to receive the best advice for your wedding party.


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Contact us

Contact us:

Phone: 091 807 8619 

Opening: Monday - Sunday 06:30 - 22:00